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Volunteers Of Autauga County Helping Those Trace Their Roots

 Some of us in the community have decided to donate our time tracking down the roots of families,who have made Autauga County what it is today.We're just a small group of gals who have grandchildren to keep us busy,and then other times need something to keep us occupied.We live in the beautiful city of Prattville Alabama,and we very much welcome you to our site.


Some of the research that really interests us,is the Civil War era when it comes to family genealogy in the county.Lots of men enlisted,or were simply drafted at that time.It's a sense of uncovering the past when going through old enlistment papers,and draft letters.A feeling some of us just enjoy to do.So thank you to all that have some genealogy in your blood.


Next weekend the gals & I are getting together to discuss the best way of documenting our findings,and finding those who'd like to share their finds with the group,and thus get the information up on the site.Genealogy sites are really never complete,because there is always mor of the past to dig up,and the future also shapes our family trees.


Autauga County was established in 1818.So you can now just imagine the roots that trace through this counties origin.